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Your customers are talking, but are you listening?

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your customers are talking about you behind your back. They’re taking to Yelp!, Facebook, and Google, and they’re saying stuff about you. Do you know if it’s bad? Good? Meh?

Simply put, reviews matter. 60% of consumers said that positive reviews had influenced them to buy sometime in the last 6 months, 50% of consumers said negative reviews stopped them from buying, and a 1 star uptick in your Yelp! reviews could correlate with a 9% increase in sales!

So, yeah. Reviews matter. But, MapMeLocal is a solutions company, so here are a few quick pointers for putting your ear to the ground and listening to your customers.

Google My Business

One of the simplest things you can do is claim your business on Google My Business. Not only will this make you a verified business on Google searches, boosting your search position, but it will ensure that you see any reviews about your business on Google.


Take control

There are a ton of review sites out there and it can seem like a major undertaking to keep track of them all. One way you can bring some order to the chaos is to simply take control of the venues your customers review you. Put out business cards or signs, or send thank you emails requesting they review you on the platform of your choice. This won’t keep everyone from reviewing on a site you’re not monitoring, but it will go a long way toward making your life simpler.

Respond to reviews

Once you’ve got more people reviewing, and reviewing on the platforms you’re monitoring, then it’s time to make those reviews work for you. You should have a plan for responding to every review within 24 hours, the good ones and the bad. I suggest giving a thank you promotion for good reviews, and perhaps an even better one for bad. Pro tip: do not, do not, do not get defensive with negative reviews. It will just make you look petty and make things worse.

So, there you go. Reviews are important, but they don’t have to be overwhelming. Just do these simple things and you will be able to turn your reviews into a revenue generating force in no time.

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