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In Gary Vaynerchuk’s a touch out of date but still incredible book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, he discusses the different social media platforms and how to use them properly. One of the chief tenets of Vaynerchuk’s philosophy is that, no matter what, always bring value to the customer through social media. Social media platforms are a place for sharing, for giving and receiving ideas, and enjoyment, and when companies embrace that spirit they can start to have truly interesting and relevant relationships with their customers.

So, with this in mind, imagine my shock when I came across this gallery in Guff showing 10 “life hack” cards from a 100 year old cigarette company, which was basically Vaynerchuk’s point on a plate.

In the early 1900’s, each pack of Gallaher brand cigarettes would come with a handy “life hack” card. Ironic, we know. Below, you’ll find nine of their advice cards that incredibly still hold up today.

Gallaher understood the importance of creating value to your customers through unique and interesting ways. Social media provides the perfect platform for delivering great content and value to your customers everyday. So, pick up Vaynerchuk’s book, and start thinking about how you can use social media to brighten your customer’s day, and start building meaningful relationships.

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