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Marketeer Extraordinaire!


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About Tres


I'm a friendly, team-oriented marketing executive looking for my next opportunity in the digital marketing space. I like designing and managing digital marketing strategies, copywriting, web design, and most importantly...finding the awesomest way to make the customer happy.


I've been kicking around the digital marketing field for about ten years, but have been in sales and marketing for almost 15. I've been a Chief Marketing Officer, copywriter, web designer, entrepreneur, and dabbled in a bit of graphic design.  

If you're looking for a fun, engaged, and dynamic leader for your creative teams, look no further than me, Tres Crow, Marketeer Extraordinaire!

I'd be perfect for:

Chief Marketing Officer

Creative Director

Account Manager

Senior Copywriter

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I've Done Things

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Founder, Creative Director


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What I Do There

  • Prospect and close clients, using content marketing techniques, combined with Hubspot CRM

  • Manage client relationship, establish needs, and ensure on-time delivery of services

  • Work with subcontractors to ensure delivery of service

  • Primary focus is web design, brand identity, lead generation funnel building, and content creation (blogs, infographics, eBooks, etc.) 

My Results

  • Profitable in year one

  • Doubled agency client list in 2 years

  • Worked as a functional full time CMO for Skyfire Consulting, where we tripled revenue, and grew lead generation by over 900% in just 18 months.

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Chief Marketing Officer


What I Did There

  • Spearheaded brand identity redesign

  • Designed and deployed all digital and print collateral, including website, digital and print brochures, infographics, social shares, and live event collateral

  • Designed, implemented, and managed sales pipeline and process, including creating all sales email templates and calling scripts

  • Hired and managed team of 3 sales, marketing, and operations professionals

My Results

  • Grew lead generation by 900%, and revenue by 300% in first 18 months

  • Oversaw doubling of personnel

  • Participated in a material way with a successful equity funding round of $400k

  • Oversaw first profitable year in company history


Business Consultant


What I Did There

  • Helped over 100 small businesses find funding, develop business plans, and develop and grow their revenue models

  • Created and presented monthly workshops on marketing and business operations to audiences of 10-25 business owners

My Results

  • Consistently hit monthly goals, and often exceeded them

  • Helped get funding for several successful startups, including sCAMPervan

  • Solidified outreach to consumer co-working space, Switchyards


Founder, Chief Executive Officer


What I Did There

  • Founded company and oversaw all aspects of development, from software design and development, to creating all sales and marketing collateral and processes

  • Managed team of 3 sales, design, and software dev professionals

My Results

  • Built company into profitability and sold it to another entrepreneur


Marketing Coordinator


What I Did There

  • Managed the paid membership community of 400 people

  • Designed and maintained the company website, and social media accounts

  • Organized the monthly networking events, and hosted Ritz Group podcast

My Results

  • Grew paid membership 20% during my time there

  • Developed new products and services that are still sold today

Check Out My Portfolio

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