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Our mission

Between Climate Change, environmental degradation, and increasing economic inequality, it’s clear that the current way of doing business is no longer sustainable. Something needs to change. Fortunately there are millions of brilliant entrepreneurs building the next generation of sustainable businesses, non-profits, and triple-bottom-line companies that are shaping the future of humanity. DogEatCrow is dedicated to these people, to helping the helpers, and making it easier for the most innovative new companies and organizations to cut through the noise and capture more mindshare. The history of humanity is largely the tale of competing stories, and the winner gets to write the rules for the future. DogEatCrow is a company for those who want to rewrite the rules for a more just, ecologically harmonious, and sustainable world.

How we're helping

DogEatCrow is committed to ecological and economic justice, in both our choice of clients and the way that we conduct our own business. That’s why we pledge to:

  1. Always be transparent about the sustainability of the marketing strategies we recommend;

  2. Never send out paper mailers or recommend our clients do so;

  3. Limit air travel;

  4. Use renewable power to run our business wherever possible;

  5. Always pay contractors and employees a living wage;

  6. Invest 20% of all proceeds in companies and organizations on the front lines of Climate Change, ecological devastation, and economic inequality.

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