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The nicest marketing company on the planet


Why we’re here

Building a business is hard work.

Everyday you work your tail off building your organization, working with your customers, donors, and employees to grow something truly beautiful, to bring a little light and magic into this world. Who has time to stop and write a blog or post an Insta story after all that magic making?

Fortunately, you have us, and we love marketing. DogEatCrow is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in finding the unique spark that makes your organization so awesome, and finding the best possible way to show that off to the world so you can get more customers, better employees, and keep on making that magic you’re so good at.

Let’s get together and dazzle the world. You’re worth it. 

What we believe

We want DogEatCrow to be the nicest, most honest marketing company the world has ever seen, which is why we’ll always be perfectly clear with everything that we do. So, we’ve created a few principals to guide the company as we grow and build our client list:

    We pledge to always be 100% truthful with our customers, partners, and employees so that we can be trusted to do what we say every time.

    We believe that we owe our success to more than just our employees, stakeholders, and clients. That’s why we will always issue a publicly-available quarterly report letting anyone who wants to read it know what we’re up to.


    Without the planet we live on there can be no business, therefore we’re dedicated to always finding ways of minimizing our ecological footprint, with an ultimate goal of zero waste, zero carbon. And in the spirit of transparency, we will always share our efforts in blogs and our quarterly report so this information is publicly available.


    We want to live in a world where everyone has equality of opportunity, so we’re starting right here in our office. We will always be more than an equal opportunity employers…we will actively amplify and cultivate diverse viewpoints from across the racial, spiritual, and sexual spectrums.

“In order to change the world, we have to address the way business is conducted.”


How content marketing works

Small business marketing ain’t rocket science. It takes a little bit of creativity, a whole ton of consistency, and a few basic parts working together to maximize your budget and time. These are the three keys to any successful marketing campaign:

  1. Content

  2. Distribution

  3. Collection

Content is the information you create to entice potential customers, distribution is how you get that information out into the world, and collection is how you become aware of potential customers. Without all three working together, your marketing initiative is likely dead in the water.

How we help

When you’re going through the day to day of running your business, it’s so easy for marketing to become an afterthought, or worse, an actual chore. It’s all well and good to say that you need to be creative and consistent, but when you don’t have time to plan ahead or execute properly, your marketing initiatives end up neither creative nor consistent. That’s a recipe for failure.

We totally get it. We’ve worked with tons of businesses over the years, and this is clearly a common problem. We can assure you that you are perfectly normal.

So how do we help? By developing cool ways to showcase your business every month. We start with building you a new website and a brand guideline document, the building blocks for any successful marketing initiative. We then create and post the blogs, social content, eBooks, and infographics you need to generate sustainable, consistent sales leads. We make it so easy, all you have to do is open your email and pick up the phone when it rings.

And the best part is, as part of the DogEatCrow family you get immediate access to our library of webinars, videos, infographics, presentations, and content so you can learn more about the marketing process on your timeline.

A website with every package

Here at DogEatCrow we believe no small business owner should have to choose between good marketing and a good website. After-all, a clear, beautiful website is the foundation of all great digital marketing initiatives. That’s why every monthly client gets a free website and brand guideline document with a 3-month commitment.

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